6 Early Spring Outfits to copy right now

6 early spring outfits to copy right now


No, me neither. I keep waiting for the weather to warm up, while casting longing looks at my sundresses and sandals: then I turn my back on them, and reach for usual jeans and sweaters, which are really all I can stand to wear with the weather still so cold.

The good news, however, is that while early spring is normally still too cool for the sundresses (or it is where I live, anyway!), it’s a great time of year for knitwear, trousers, and the kind of outerwear that’s too hot for summer, but not warm enough for winter: I’m thinking trench coats, blazers, biker jackets. I love all of these things, which is why I’m trying not to get too down about the current cold snap, and am focusing on making the most of my early spring wardrobe, instead. Here are some looks to try…

pink cigarette trousers with grey cropped sweater


I love combinations of grey and pink: it’s light and spring-like, but still fairly subtle, so if you’re not one for bright colours, you should still feel comfortable. This trousers-and-sweater combo should be warm enough to keep out the spring chill (I’d add a biker jacket if it was really cold, but that’s just me!), but the strappy sandals keep it seasonally appropriate. Of course, if it’s REALLY cold, you might want to switch them for something with closed toes!

stripe MAC and polka dot trousers


Mixing spots and stripes is one of those things it never occurs to me to do… until I see an outfit like this, and make a mental note to try it. I’ve also – and this has surprised even me – been really into sneakers lately, and I’m loving the laid-back style of these ones with the preppy outfit.

pink trenchcat with white jeans


I firmly believe you can’t go wrong with a trench coat, which is why I have them in every colour under the sun! Well, OK, three colours… so far. I’d be more than happy to add this pale-pink version to my collection, though (in fact, if it was available in my size, it would be on its way to me right now!), and I also love how it looks with the all-white outfit underneath. I’m a big fan of monochrome looks like this, which always look effortlessly stylish to me: white is a great choice for spring and summer, but this coat would also contrast nicely with black trousers and a matching sweater – or a short-sleeved top, if the weather co-operates!

red jeans and stripe top


Red bottoms and stripe top? Spring outfits don’t really get more classic than this, do they?

nude pencil skirt with black biker jacket

OUTFIT: Missguided

Confession: as much as I love warm weather, there’s a tiny part of me that welcomes the cooler spring temperatures, purely because they allow me to wear my trusty biker jacket. I bought mine last year, and it’s without a doubt one of the most-worn items in my closet: I love the way this one looks with a fitted pencil skirt and top, for a dressy/casual mix.



midi skirt and sweater


It’s always tempting to pair a dressy skirt with an equally dressy top, but I love the look of midi skirts (either flared or pencil), worn with slouchy sweaters or chunky knits: and they’re a whole lot warmer worn that way, too!

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