ShoeperWoman’s (partial) Week in Shoes

ShoeperWoman's week in shoes

red canvas flats

Paris Hilton bow shoes

green pointed court shoes

[Fri: Acessorize canvas flats | Mon: Paris Hilton bow pumps | Wed: Topshop ‘Gwenda’ pumps]

For this week’s roundup, I come to you with excuses, ShoeperStars.

This isn’t a full week in shoes, obviously. And they’re not the greatest photos ever taken, either.

In my defence, we’re (supposed to be) moving house one week today, and as you would probably expect, it’s kind of taken over our lives. It’s not going to get much better in the next couple of weeks either: we’ll be spending all of next week packing, then the next few days UN-packing and organising the new place, so it’s going to be a busy few weeks, that’s for sure, which means that posts will be more sporadic than usual around here, unfortunately. I’ve done my best to schedule some posts in advance, but as there’s only one of me, and we’ve also been dealing with the site re-design and a server move, I’ve been really, really short on time. We’re also not quite sure how much access we’ll have to the internet during and immediately after the move: we’re TOLD it should all be connected on day one, but… I have my doubts.

My point here? There will be less content than usual. And I know that there’s already been less content than usual: we had my holiday, then the re-design/move, and now this… It’s been a really busy few months, and I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you all sticking with me while I get my life in order, and if I DO drop off the radar for a few days during the move, I hope you’ll understand why.

Now, back to my packing!

ShoeperWoman x


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