Shoeperheroes or Shoepervillains: Acne ‘Alice’ Silk Platform Pumps

Acne 'Alice' platforms

When I first spotted Acne’s ‘Alice’ platforms at Shopbop last week, I instantly hated them.

I actually really like the individual elements of these shoes, and I LOVE the colours on the left, which are two of my favourite shades ever, but the very high vamp just ruins it all for me, leaving the shoe looking… well, just WRONG somehow, as if they weren’t supposed to look like that. The shape of the upper is oddly “bloated”, too, which isn’t something I generally want to be able to say about my footwear.

Since that first look, though, I’ve seen these featured on quite a few fashion sites, whose authors all seem to be singing their praises. This hasn’t changed my own opinion, of course, but it did make me think they could be candidates for a Heroes or Villains post, so here it is!

Which are they? Heroes or Villains?



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