Shoeper Shoesday: Bows on the Heels

Miu Miu pink embellished satin pumps

Miu Miu pink embellished satin pumps

When I saw these shoes over at Net-a-Porter a couple of weeks ago, I literally gasped out loud.

OK, no I didn’t. I mean, don’t you just HATE it when bloggers are all, “Oh, I’m literally crying at my desk here!” and you’re just thinking, “No you’re not: shut up.” I might not have literally gasped, then, but ever there was a pair of shoes that merited an over-the-top kind of reaction, these would be those shoes, wouldn’t they? As always, I’m going to be a bit boring and sensible about this and say that I’d have loved them if they’d just left off the gigantic hardware – it’s all a bit too much for me, and I think JUST the bow on its own would’ve been amazing. That would, however, be missing the point a little, and leaving out the part of the shoe that’s designed to be the focal point, so I’m just going to accept that I will never be fashionable, and leave these for someone who IS. On the subject of shoes with bows on the heels, however, during that same Net-a-Porter session, I also found these:

glitter heel on shoe with bow

Sophia Webster Raye bow-embellished metallic leather platform sandals

Honestly, I know the time for giant platform soles is past, and I’ve gradually gotten rid of most of mine over the past couple of years (something I’ll probably end up regretting when they come back in fashion, and all of my NON-platform shoes start to feel really dated: it’s always the way of things, isn’t it?), but I kind of love these. They’re like a disco ball in shoe form, and if that’s wrong, well, I guess I just don’t want to be right. Add in the fact that no-one does bows quite like Sophia Webster, and I think we’ve got a winner.

What do you think of these?

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  • I think bows on a shoe is an interesting concept! We put bows on every other clothing item, why not shoes. I don’t know if I would want to wear these out though, on account that I would be afraid of ruining them. I am not much of an over the top person, but these are definitely over the top shoes!

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