Shoeper Shoe Challenge Week 38 Roundup

Well, Week 38 of the Shoe Challenge has certainly has it’s ups and downs for me. On the up side, I increased my shoe collection by two pairs this week. This is also a downside, however, because while they’re gorgeous shoes (which I’ll be showing you soon!), the fact that I’m adding new shoes without actually saving the old ones isn’t exactly the cleverest idea I’ve ever had! I may have a bit of a cull over the next few weeks, to make things more manageable again, but then again, maybe I won’t: we’ll see!

I do have plans to do some shoe-saving over the weekend, though: we have a late-Halloween costume party to go to tomorrow night, and while my costume is probably the most most boring costume of all time, I am planning to wear an un-saved pair of shoes with it, so I’ll get back in the game, at least!

In the meantime, here are the shoes that were saved this week by my Shoeperstars: good work, everyone!

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