Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 23: Santa Monica

WHAT: Tan Barratts peep toes
WHEN: June 2011
WHERE: Malibu Beach and Santa Monica Pier, California
WITH: Green dress, Shoshana (c/o Shopbop); Target sunglasses; Bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs (c/o Shopbop)

(I hope you’ll all forgive the sudden influx of Shoe Challenge posts these past couple of weeks – I’m just trying to get all of my holiday Challenges out of the way so I can get on with saving more shoes!)

I should probably begin this post by pointing out that not even I would wear a pair of stilettos to the beach! We’d actually been out shopping that day, and we drove through Malibu on the way home, before stopping off in Santa Monica for some dinner – so this isn’t my regular beach wear by a long shot!

These are my trusty old tan peep toes from Barratts, which, despite being completely unremarkable in every way, are still probably the most-worn shoes in my collection. I’ll cry when I finally have to throw them out.

It was a little too cold to spend the entire day on the beach while we were in California, unfortunately, but I did manage to dip my toes in the Pacific a few times. It. Was. Freezing.

This dress is a completely different silhouette from the kind of thing I normally wear: I generally avoid empire waistlines like the plague, but they’re definitely very forgiving on a holiday where you’re doing a LOT of eating! And, of course, the colour was pretty irresistible to me…

I loved my cheap Target sunglasses!

They have such beautiful beaches in that part of the world.


  • Wow the sunglasses are Target? Very cute and so you!
    I was going to comment on the “uh stilettos at the beach!? thing but then I read the post 😛 The dress is very pretty, the cut looks really good on you shouldn’t avoid empires that much..

  • I love the dress and the color is beautiful! One of my favorites on you. I am so inspired by your sense of style!

  • Consider the picture as for fashion magazines – high heels on the beech, in a forest, etc! So, I found it fantastic! You look so relaxed and pretty! I love green and that dress is so sweet! The shoes were a perfect match, ah… don’t throw them away even if they are worn out… keep them, just to look at them and think of nice times…
    The sunglasses are super sweet! So, a perfect outfit for a sunny day!

  • I just bought some sunglasses from Claires Accessories just like yours! The only difference is mine don’t have the bling on the bow, they have a little silver middle instead. They were only £5 in the sale too, bargain!

  • so beautiful! I love that green dress! The dress and the shoes are so simple yet together it is such an elegant outfit 🙂

    btw, just wanted to give you some feedback on the new ads on your page – not to offend you or anything but I find the new ads a bit annoying, especially the one that appears between your pages list and the post title, and the one that just flies at me when scroll down. It’s like I have no choice but to acknowledge the ads 🙁

    • A world without ads would be lovely but unfortunately our sites need to make money in order to pay the bills. The ads you are referring to are generated by Glam and generally only appear once per visitor per day so I don’t regard them as a major problem. Hopefully most readers will see it as a reasonable tradeoff for the free content Amber provides every day.

      • I understand you guys need the revenue from the ads, in fact I make sure I click on one every time I visit the site just to help you out 😉 Simply saying I wish they weren’t so aggressive.

    • “so beautiful! I love that green dress! The dress and the shoes are so simple yet together it is such an elegant outfit.”

      I completely agree. I adore that dress!

  • I love your Shoeper Challenge posts so keep ’em coming! Gorgeous dress (another one) and I so want to go to the US!

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