Shoe Kryptonite: Nicholas Kirkwood satin bow sandals

You know how bloggers are always saying things like, “I spat coffee over my keyboard when I seen it!” or “I let out a little scream at the sight of them!” and you know they didn’t REALLY do those things, they’re just saying it for dramatic effect?

This isn’t one of those times. I actually DID let out a gasp and an “OMG” when I came across these Nicholas Kirkwood sandals. Luckily the dog was the only person (shut up, he is too a person!) in the room at the time, and he’s used to me talking to myself, so I think I got away with it.

I feel like gasping again every time I look at them, though. I mean, don’t you? I want to look at them all day, then I want to sit up late and look at them some more. And I want to buy them in every colour, even the multicoloured snakeprint, which I’d normally hate.

These aren’t available to buy yet, but that’s probably a good thing, given how much they’ll cost…

Nicholas Kirkwood SS2012



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