Schuh ‘Lois’ patent court shoes in red or black

schuh-lois-courtsJanuary is traditionally the time of year when we give up all of the indulgences of the party season and knuckle back down to some serious, hard work.

Happily, though, they doesn’t mean we have to wear boring shoes. These ‘Lois’ courts from Schuh are super-sexy, but you’d probably still be able to get away with wearing the black pair to work. (The red ones, possibly not so much, although of course, it all depends on where you work!). These are almost identical to the Dune ‘Olson’ pumps I wrote about last year, although in patent rather than leather/suede, and also a fair bit cheaper, at £49.99.

In this case, I think the shoes do LOOK cheaper, and the red pair in particular are a bit too cheap looking (one of the dangers of using red patent on a shoe -it can very easily stray into “tacky” territory), but if you think you can live with that, you can buy them at Schuh.


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