Sam Edelman Nevyn Gladiator Architectural Platform

When I first saw these shoes, I was absolutely sure they were by Nicholas Kirkwood. Mind you, I find myself saying that a lot these days, so maybe I just spend too much time thining about Mr Kirkwood’s fabulous designs, hmm?

These are actually by Sam Edelman, though, and the good news about that is it makes them a little more affordable than a Kirkwood shoe. The bad news is that they’re still not exactly “cheap” at £165, but I think they’re rather special, and if you do too, you may just find them worth the price.

Of course, some of you will be groaning aloud right now at the gladiatr influences on these. We saw a lot of that kind of thing last year – a LOT of it – and it’s not to everyone’s taste. These are definitely to my taste, though: I think they’d make a fabulus summer sandal or evening shoe. Get them at My-Wardrobe.


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