Prada metallic Mary Jane pumps

For me, these shoes fall firmly into the “look but don’t touch” category: I can’t seem to stop looking at them spin round (and round and round) on the Saks website, but I don’t really want them anywhere near my feet, because they’re giving off an “Austin Powers” vibe that’s just too strong for my liking. Oh, and the £600 price tag is a bit strong for my liking too.

These definitely aren’t your average Mary Janes, though, and if you think you can make them work, they could make a really interesting addition to the ol’ shoe closet. I’d be tempted to carry on the 60s theme, and wear them with a little white mini dress: what would you wear with them?

(Click here to buy them)


  • I think white is all you can wear this with and Prada… i don’t know. I love mary jane shoes but for some reason I don’t like these. There is something about these that is off putting and it’s not the metallic leather either. But besides that $950 for those? No too plain.

  • They look far too…sensible? Words are eluding me here, but for some reason these just seem off and I can’t explain why.

  • I think these would look fab on my 16 year old street fashion daughter but at $950 she will have to wait until she has a full time job to buy them herself. Also I think anyone could wear them with anything funky – just have the attitude to carry it off.

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