Polka dots, stripes, bows, wedges: New Look lead Shoeperwoman into temptation…

Last week I suddenly realised it had been a long time since I last bought a pair of shoes from New Look. I think New Look must have realised that too, though, because the three styles above could almost have been made with me in mind: canvas wedges have always been one of my summer go-to’s, and these ones come complete with stripes, bows, polka dots – everything you need, in other words, to get me reaching for my wallet.

I’d happily wear either of the two shoes on the right of this image, although my preference would be for the polka dots. As for the red shoes, well, I’m not quite as convinced by those, as the upper looks a little too “grannyish” for my tastes, although I can certainly appreciate the bold colour and high wedge.

These shoes all retail for £24.99 and come in a range of colours. Click here to take a look.


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