Poetic Licence ‘Anchors Away’ low striped wedges

nautical wedge shoes red and white stripe shoes with anchors

Poetic Licence ‘Anchors Away’, £65.99

Ah, the low wedge! It’s a shoe style that can be a little matronly if you’re not careful, but I don’t think these Poetic Licence peep toes have anything to worry about on that score: the fun, stripe upper and cute little sailboat brooch takes care of that.

These are basically everything I look for in a summer shoe: a beathable, canvas upper (so much more comfortable than leather on a hot day!), a heel that’s low enough to be comfortable for a day of sight-seeing or a stroll along the seafront, but high enough to provide some arch support, a unashamedly nautical upper…They’re shoeper shoes for a summer holiday, and as an added bonus, the canvas uppers won’t add much weight to your luggage, either.

These come in red and navy (But of course: what else would you expect from a nautically-themed shoe?), and are £65.99.

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