Odeon bow trim wedge sandals in red and blue

Odeon bow trim wedge sandals

This time last year, I was desperately searching fora new pair of summer wedges to replace the old, worn-out ones I knew wouldn’t see me through another summer.* And could I find any? Well, actually, yes: I bought two pairs, in fact. But I didn’t find a LOT of them, is my point. This year, though? This year I can’t seem to look at a shoe website without finding at least five pairs I like. On the Barratts website, for instance, I found these two – which actually just count as one, seeing as it’s the same shoe, just in two different colours.

These have all of the elements I like in a wedge sandal: bright colour, high heel, BOW. And while my instinct would be to go for the red pair, which would work so well with my summer wardrobe, the blue is such a lovely shade, and would be that little bit more unusual.

If you can choose between them, they’re £35, and you can click here to buy them at Barratts.


* I didn’t actually throw those old wedges away. I didn’t include them in my Shoe Challenge total, and I have no intention of actually wearing them (other than to maybe walk the dog, I guess), but… I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them away. Houston, we have a problem.

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