Nicholas Kirkwood blue suede slingback sandals

For me, these shoes represent Nicholas Kirkwood at his typical best. The trademark platform is present and correct, and not only is it attached to a glorious blue suede upper (isn’t that colour fantastic?), it also has a Mary Jane strap, complete with cute little button. The shape of these is just so “Kirkwood”, and I’m sure the designer’s fans will love them just as much as I do. If you’re one of those fans, these are £475 at Browns.


  • Oh my, oh my! I adore these beauties; my favourite fabric and my favourite (well, one of at least) colours! They are to me what shoes are all about; they are wearable works of art. Ok, so Kirkwood’s art is more Picasso than pre-Raphaelite, but couple those with a knee-length blue dress sporting equally bold, cornered shoulder pads, and perhaps an angled lightning bolt piece of fabric through the cleavage down to the waist, and you may very well have a wearable masterpiece! 😀

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