Next Poppy Print Island High Platform Court

Next poppy print platforms

The recent sunny weather has got me firmly in the mood for summer shoes (although when am I NOT in the mood for summer shoes, really?), and what could be more summery than a floral print upper and a raffia sole?

These shoes are from Next, and as “summer weather” doesn’t necessarily mean “warm weather” where I’m from, I like the fact that they have a closed toe: the fabric uppers will be very breathable, and will keep your feet cool if it DOES get hot, but if it doesn’t, you’ll at least be able to look season appropriate, while still keeping your toes warm.

I notice in the reviews on the Next website (Aside: don’t you just love online stores that allow customers to review the products? It can be so helpful if you’re wondering what size to wear – or whether to buy at all, for that matter!) for these that someone mentioned wearing them with an all-black outfit. I really like the idea of that, and think it would allow the shoes to really stand out, although the red will work with lots of lighter colours, too.

As these are from Next, they’re not super-expensive, either: they’re just £28, and you can click here to buy them.


  • I am not digging the ‘upholstered’ trend. In theory it should be exactly what I like – prints! flowers! Summery! But I don’t like how they end up looking on the feet. I think overall they’d look better without the raffia platform (it’s incongruous with the much heavier closed pump) and a stacked heel.

  • I very much like them. YSL did a poppy patterned shoe not that long ago, but these are way more affordable.

  • I almost bought them… I was looking for a nice red pair of shoes… but then I found from Biba. Yes, more expensive, but great! These ones are also amazing, I like this pattern!

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