Miu Miu bow-embellished suede sandals

Miu Miu bow-embellished suede sandals Miu Miu bow-embellished suede sandals, £610

 Miu Miu are really on a roll this season. I’ve shown you a few of their shoes in recent weeks, and had actually bookmarked another Miu Miu style to feature today. But then I saw these sandals, and it was one of those “drop everything just to look at them” moments. You know you’ve found a shoe you love when that happens, right?

I will show you the other pair soon, but for now let’s just feast our eyes on these beauties, with their black suede upper, and giant pink bow. The bow, of course, dominates this shoe to the extent that there’s not much point in me trying to talk about any of the other features: I’d mention the studded detail on the stiletto heel, for instance, but let’s face it – your eye went right to the bow, and stayed there, didn’t it?

It’s OK, I don’t blame you: I did exactly the same thing – it’s definitely a stand-out detail, and I love everything about it, from the contrast of colour between the bright pink and black, to the asymmetric shape. These are shoes that look just as good OFF the foot as they do on it: they really deserve to be out on display somewhere, but failing that, you can settle for simply wearing them as often as possible instead. I don’t think that would be too difficult, either: they’re definitely on the dressy side, but that’s never stopped me wearing shoes before, and you shouldn’t let it stop you, either. At the end of the day, they’re just sandals, and that makes them suitable for all kinds of summer events. If you don’t have one planned, you can always make one up: any excuse to throw a party and wear some amazing shoes, right?

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