Marni satin square toe pumps

marni-square-toe-pumpsOf all of the toe shapes out there, square toes have always been my least favourite, and, well, these Marni pumps haven’t done much to change that: I like them, but I know I’d like them a whole lot more with a different shape at the front. I AM keen on the over sized buckles, though, and the curved heel, which isn’t really shown to best advantage in this particular photo, is rather lovely, too. And they look great on the Net-a-Porter model.

Hmmm, maybe I’ve just talked myself around?

Marni square-toed pumps, £395


  • I really like square toes, but I don’t like that big gold strap, it looks too heavy and weapon-like. It looks like it should be part of a machine gun.

  • I don’t mind square toes, and i like the buckle thing a lot. I don’t like the exposed elastic straps. I’ve been seeing in on a lot of shoes lately, and I really detest it. When did it become okay to have uncovered elastic anywhere, let alone on your shoes?

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