Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lotus-Met’ platform sandals

High platform wedge shoes by Jeffrey Campbell

I’m sure most of my regular readers know by now that Jeffrey Campbell shoes are not my style AT ALL. In fact, it would probably be fair to say that I’ve loathed almost everything the brand has to offer this year. (Almost everything.)

Still, even I have to admit that the man has a way of grabbing the attention, and I didn’t think these shoes should be ignored: not least because I have a feeling that they could be dangerous if angered. These fall into the category of “Shoes That Look A Bit Like Boats”. It’s a mercifully small category, and I’m sure Mr JC is probably responsible for quite a bit of it, now I come to think of it.

Anyway, these are called ‘Lotus-Met’, and they have a 6″ heel with a 3″ platform, which the brand claim is the equivalent to walking on a 3″ heel. When you put it like that, it doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Anyone up for the challenge? Anyone? Click here if you are…


  • It’s a no for me, as usual about JC shoes. Wear some bananas in the hair and these shoes, and one can go to a Carmen Miranda movie audition. But only if the ankle is not broken before.

  • No, no no. A thousand times no. All I can think of is Naomi Campbell falling down on the catwalk during the Vivienne Westwood show.

  • Hi, i want to get these, but cant decide for the size. I am 7-7.5 Never had JC before. My feet are roughly 9.5 inches long and narrow. If you do have them, can you measure the insole (heel to toe) and let me know what is the length for the size you have. I live in NZ and would like to get the size correct first time. Thanks

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