Hobbs NW3 ‘Holly’ patent leather bow court shoes

Hobbs is one of those stores I always tend to walk past without going in: partly because it’s a brand I’ve always associated with, well, the older lady, shall we say, and partly because most of the items are out of my price range. Last night, though, I clicked on a link to the website just before bed, and instantly had my rash opinions changed, because oh my goodness, they have some beautiful clothes on there right now, particularly in the outerwear department. I have my eye on a beautiful camel coat which I can’t afford, but which is just to die for.

They also have some gorgeous shoes, and these ‘Holly’ courts were the ones that jumped out at me. The actual shape of these would ordinarily be too “sensible” for my tastes, but I think the brightly coloured uppers and cheeky little bows help make up for it: I particularly love the mustard yellow, which is one of my favourite colours for Autumn.

These are also available in navy, and are £159. Click here to buy.


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