Shoe Save # 46/75: It’s Still Summer If I Say It Is

Polka dot sandals with high heel and bow

SHOES: Charlotte Russe polka dot peep toes
SAVED: Friday, September 9th, 2011
SIDEKICKS: Green dress, Dorothy Perkins 

It’s been at least a weeks now since I last wore a green dress. Well, I couldn’t have that, could I?

This outfit wasn’t actually quite as unsuitable for September as you may think. I mean, sure, it was fairly unsuitable, but at this stage in the Shoe Saving games anything goes (those summer shoes must be saved at all costs!), and in my defence:

a) I had a cardigan to go over the dress
b) I actually ended up having to remove said cardigan, because although the weather is predictably awful right now, Friday was kind of warm and muggy, so bare legs suddenly became an option. And thank God for that!

These shoes were from Charlotte Russe, a couple of years ago:

Shoes with polka dot bow

I love them, not just for the polka dots and bows, but because they’re surprisingly comfortable for this type of heel. Who says cheap shoes have to hurt?

Green cap sleeved dress from Dorothy PerkinsDorothy Perkins are absolutely KILLING IT right now with their dresses. Seriously, I can’t look at their site without finding something else to add to my wish list. I need to try and ration myself to one visit per week or something.

(I know, AS IF.)

Polka dot high heel shoes

Dots AND bows: what more could a Shoeperwoman need?

Shoes on shelves


  • You look amazing! Very beautiful dress and the color is fantastic! Thanks for telling that DP is now killing with their dresses, I won’t visit the site this week! I don’t want to spend much money now!
    When you said that you had 4 more pairs of open toe-shoes to save, I thought “peep toes”, but then you show us this pair! Wow, I’m so glad you saved them, because they are lovely!!!!!! Just 3 more then, you’ll make it!

    • Well, I managed to save another pair on Sunday (post coming soon!), so just two more after that, and one is a pair I will be able to wear with tights, so I’m feeling a bit more confident – will be great to have all of the summery ones out of the way, though 🙂

  • Those shoes are adorable and of course I love that dress. You have a good eye – I saw that dress on the site and it didn’t really appeal, but it looks totally different on than it does in the product shot, and it’s beautiful.

    Ooh and on the green dress front – a wee birdie tells me I might be getting a Bettie Page Rita dress for my birthday *happy days*

    • Ooh, excellent news, I know you will love it! I actually just won the polka dot Jasmine (pencil version) on eBay this week (I say “won” – it was Buy It Now, and I pounced…): am so excited, I’ve been wanting one for ages: just wishing it could be sunny enough to wear it when it arrives!

  • Those are such pretty shoes. They remind me of tutti frutti ice cream, which can’t be a bad thing. I’m glad to see you’re doing ‘glam’ to the bitter end of summer. I’ve lost the will now, but I do need to get the last bit of wear out of some of my summer dresses… although I think all of my sandals are safe now.

    • Ha, to be honest, I’m more or less losing the will myself! Just one final push to get these out of the way and then I can see myself taking refuge in jeans until the end of winter!

  • You look absolutely amazing! Of course green is your color and the dress looks fantastic on you! Loved the sandals too. They are sooo cute with the polka dots and the bows. Glad to hear they are comfortable too.
    The good thing, here in Greece is that the weather is still pretty hot, so I can wear some of the clothes I forgot to wear during summer. And of course sandals and peep toes too! 🙂

  • Those shoes are just so lovely! Remind me of tutti frutti too 😀

    I have about 7 tabs open, all with Dorothy Perkins dresses or shoes: I look at them every now and then, convincing that I don’t NEED them, but it’s very hard to resist! 🙂

  • Your dress is beautiful, and such a lovely colour :). I might just go and look for some Dorothy Perkins dresses now myself!

  • I really love all your dresses! So gorgeous…and those polka dot shoes are so awesome, so cute! The pair to its right on your shoe shelf (pumps witt bows in a black and white texture is it?) are awesome too! Where are they from? can’t wait to see you wear it!

  • I love these shoes, they’re so adorable! I was actually at Charlotte Russe today and I had to really resist not buying anything. Especially since they had shoes for TEN dollars! AH

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