Giuseppe Zanotti multi-coloured stone embellished sandals

The summer stock is slowly starting to trickle into my favourite stores at last. Normally this is cause for great rejoicing here in Shoeperland: I’m not a fan of the sales (Being a very common shoe size means that everything’s sold out in my size long before I get there, anyway, and I get bored with the lack of pretty new things to look at), and I AM a fan of all things related to summer, so this small sign that we’ve made it to a New Year, and are now headed in the direction of warmer weather is usually more than welcome!

This year, though? Not so much. We still have over a foot of snow on the ground here, which means that sandals like these ones by Giuseppe Zanotti are still a very distant dream: or at least they would be if I actually liked them. Which I don’t. Sorry, Mr Zanotti: maybe I’m just not ready for so many colours now that my eyes are used to the dull shades of winter… or maybe there are just a few too many gem stones on these yellow sandals. I suspect it’s the latter, but if you think it’s the former, and you’d really love to wear these, prepare for the bad news: they’re £1006. Gulp.

If you love them, you can buy them at Louisa Via Roma.


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