Gianmarco Lorenzi colourblock suede platform sandals

By now, we’re all more than used to Gianmarco Lorenzi’s tendency to make super-high platforms, in a style that always looks more like something you’d see in an art gallery than something you’d actually see on your feet. I still thought these shoes were worth showing you, though, because they look even MORE like a piece of art than usual.

The heel is 6.2 inches, the platform is 2.3 inches, and the colours look like they were chosen by a small child, but even so, these shoes definitely have the “wow” factor, whether you mean it in a good way, a bad way, or just a totally astonished “OMG LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!” kind of way.

Which is it for you? If you love these, you can buy them at Far Fetch, where they’re £514.


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