Georgina Goodman blue suede platform peep toe shoes

I really want to be able to like these shoes.

I mean, the shape is great. The colour? Fabulous. The stripes on the sole and platform? Love ’em:

But. That platform. Kind of looks like the wearer of the shoe stepped in a big puddle of glue, and then allowed it to dry, doesn’t it? Or at least, it does to me. Without it, I’d have been all over these like a rash. With it, I’m having to consign them to the “good shoes ruined” pile. I hate it when that happens.

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  • With the first platform (with stripes), simply great! With the second one, no way! Yes, ruined shoes – in my opinion, others may like, of course.

  • It looks like the manufaturer made a mistake, so they just tacked some plastic to the front. I’m totally with you Amber: when good shoes go bad!

  • The sad thing is that by doing too much the designer has killed the shoes.

    Weird platform soles always draw my attention – the Gianmarco Lorenzi ‘sandwich’ soles are awesome in the black/red combination. I won’t link to a picture in case your spam filter rejects me but if you do a Google Images search for ‘gianmarco lorenzi double platform pumps’ & look about half way down the page, you’ll see them. It’s as if an unsuspected red shoe was set open by a carniverous black pump.

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