Firetrap ‘Phoenix’ bow court shoes in black, purple and blue

A simple, suede court shoe, but of course, sometimes “simple” is exactly what you’re looking for – and if it just so happens to come with a bow on top, well, so much the better!

These little ‘Phoenix’ pumps from Office will take you just about everywhere, and come in three different colours. I’m instantly drawn to the purple, but I’ve been buying a lot of blue recently, so I suspect I could probably find some space in my closet for those, too. And, you know, you ALWAYS need a nice pair of black pumps, don’t you? Whoops! Sucked in again!


  • Aww I was looking at these the yesterday too! I think they’re really cute, and different. I like the purple and the blue but I think if I were to buy I would go for black. Black will always go with everything. (Although I realised from my shoeper pic that I have too many black shoes for that reason!)

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