‘Ella’ metallic platform peep toes by Florence & Fred

metallic peep toe shoes

‘Ella’ metallic platform peep toes, £22

When it comes to party shoes, I’m partial to metallic uppers, which help make even the most ordinary of shoes look a little more special. Because my life is sadly lacking in parties, though (I know, it’s tragic…), I’m loathe to spend a lot of money on something I know will probably only be worn once or twice a year, if that.

Enter these ‘Ella’ peep toes, which are from Tesco’s Florence & Fred line, meaning you can pick them up along with your groceries next time you go shopping. Instead of the usual gold/silver/bronze uppers we’re used to seeing on metallic shoes, these have gone for pastel shades of mint green, sky blue and baby pink. They’re very slightly over the top, but I think the simple shape saves them, and worn with something classic, they could make an interesting focal point for your look.

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