Dorothy Perkins stripe pointed court shoes

Dorothy Perkins stripe shoes

Dorothy Perkins stripe shoes, £25

I have a pair of shoes almost identical to these, and I’ve shown you them a few times now. I’m still showing you these ones, too, however, because:

a) I really love those shoes, and mine are sold out now, so it’s nice to know there’s a potential replacement out there.

b) They’re £25. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that, does it?

Actually, when it comes to Dorothy Perkins, it probably WILL get cheaper than that. I’ve noticed that this brand seems to permanently have some kind of sale or special offer on, lately: you can almost always find a discount code which will knock a bit off the price – or sometimes a LOT of the price, depending how lucky you get. Needless to say, I’ve been taking full advantage of this perma-sale, and last week I bought this dress, for almost nothing:

beige bardot dress

Then I liked it so much, I bought the black version, too. Whoops.

Actually, come to think of it, either of these dresses would work pretty well with the shoes:

what to wear with stripe shoes

What to wear with stripe shoes:

dress // clutch  // lips // nails // eyelashes

And now I guess  I know what I’ll be wearing on my next night out, too!

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