Christian Dior Couture 2010 Shoes

I love the Dior Couture show: it’s always such an extravagant spectacle of a show that it’s a real sight for sore eyes.

This year the clothes may have been on the fantastical side, but the shoes were very wearable, consisting of a selection of strappy sandals in vibrant colours, and with elaborate, twined heels. I love all of these: take a look at the gallery below and let me know what you think!


  • these are beautiful. I like how the shoes are delicate, but the heels are a contrast and look a bit like thorns. The pink ones and the turquoise ones are beautiful. But… I don’t enjoy the way the model’s toe hangs over the edge of the purple pair!!

  • hahahah. glad to see even model’s have ugly toes. beautiful shoes though. they’re are so delicate and intricate that they don’t look very supportive but then again it would be worth it because they are just so lovely 🙂 the bright colours are particularly appealing!

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