Celebrity Shoes: Natalia Vodianova in Louis Vuitton’s Cancan ankle-strap sandals

Louis Vuitton shoes

I’m not sure if it’s the way they’re cut, the way she’s standing, or just a really bad fit, but these shoes just don’t look comfortable on Natalia Vodianova, do they?

They’re Louis Vuitton’s Cancan ankle straps, and while I don’t tend to like Louis Vuitton in general, I really don’t like the shape of the heels on this particular line. Natalia obviously does, though, so take a look under the jump for some more photos, and to see what she wore with them!

louis vuitton shoes

louis vuitton shoes


  • Blech. I don’t like the heels on this line of shoes either. Also, her feet look too wide for the shoe. They appear to be hanging off the side.

  • I actually like the heels, and I like the color. But they don’t fit right, and they look uncomfortable and ugly in the front.

  • They look two sizes two small for her, and there is something on the plataform that makes her look like she has cloves instead of feet O.o

    • Probably they are not hers at all, but borrowed for the occasion. They do not fit, neither lengthwise nor across. And yes, they have this strange little dart at the tip to give it a touch of cloven hoofed animal look. Too creative by far for my taste…

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