Celebrity Shoes: Halle Berry and Christina Milian at The 31st Annual Silver Rose Gala in Beverly Hills

I totally know who these shoes are by. No, really, I do. In fact, I spotted them on a retail website just a couple of weeks ago, made a mental note to show you them… and now I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw them or who made them. Anyone want to help a Shoeperhero out, here? Is it Marc Jacobs? It seems like the kind of thing he’d do…

Regardless of who designed them, however, I’m just going to say it: I hate those heels. They’re just far too fussy for my simple tastes, although I must admit, they probably make a pretty cool sound when you walk in them. A sound that would make me want to wrench the things off my feet after a few minutes, mind you, but look, I’m trying to find something nice to say here, OK? They’re a pretty colour. Will that do?

Oh, you want to know who’s wearing them? It’s Christina Milian:

I love the colour of her dress enough that it temporarily distracted me from the shoes. Only temporarily, mind you.

Want to see some Christian Louboutin?

OK, that’s not Christian Louboutin. It’s Halle Berry, as I’m sure you can see. Look what she has on her feet, though:

I’m actually not sure what I think of these, either. I feel like there’s a bit too much foot and not enough shoe. What do you think?

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  • I don’t like either pair of shoes. I agree with you, the first ones are far too fussy and they make me think of the fortune tellers you get on the pier when you go on holiday with all those tassles and stuff. The Louboutins are too exposed. I’m not a great lover of my feet so I’d feel too self concious in something so open… assuming I would have the money for them in the first place lol.

    • I was thinking just the same about them reminding me of fortune tellers, makes them look cheap:// But her dress is cute:)
      though I’m a Louboutin fan, the second is also not his typical lusty heels that are just perfect, and something about flip fliped heels in disturbing..

  • ugh these are disgusting. Anyway i just wanted to say i’m so glad i stumbled upon your blog because you are absolutely STUNNING. And i LOVE your shoes as well as the challenge idea. Keep blogging!
    xx jade

  • I’m pretty sure the Shoes in question are Dior. I have seen a picture of Beyonce wearing them at an awards show before.

  • First pair have nice elements but are way too OTT. The heels are manky. The second pair are just not right. I agree that there is too much foot and not enough shoe. If I’m paying louboutin prices I want actua, tangiblel shoe for my money!

  • The first pair is nice when you look at it from the front, but the heel is just awful. I wouldn’t wear them!
    And the second pair even though it’s Louboutin,I don’t like it! It’s like you said: too much foot and not enough shoe. It is a good style for summer flat sandals, but not for a pair of high heeled shoes.

  • I also know the first one’s are Dior’s “Cha Cha” sandals and I must admit I actually quite like them! But I’d probably be annoyed if they make a sound during walking 🙂 I don’t like the Louboutin pair though, I think this style would be nice on a flat sandal, but not combined with a high heel – they just look really uncomfortable and difficult to walk in!

  • I like the color of the purple ones and Christina’s dress, but the shoe itself is uglyyyy.
    As for Halle, cute dress, hate the shoes a well.. Too much foot!

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