Betsey Johnson ‘Itsy’ lace and suede pumps

I know what you’re thinking: if this is Itsy, when do we get to see Bitsy?

(Sorry, I couldn’t help it…)

Either that, or you’re probably wondering what the back of this shoe looks like. Well, wonder no more:

Cute, no?

I like the way these provide a nice twist on the traditional “toe cap” shoe, with the toe in this case being capped with lace, almost as if it had been dipped into it while it was being made. I also really like the soft pink colour: these are also available in grey, which may be a tad more practical, but I think these are far prettier.

What do you think?

(Click here to buy them for $149.95)


  • Strange enough (never thought I would say such a thing) I think it would be prettier without the weird bow on the back. I love the shape, love the colour, love the lace. But not the bow. Maybe I’m coming down with something?

  • Is it just me, or did the bow look like hells angels wings at first. I’m so happy you provided the back view- if the bow didn’t protrude out, this shoe would be perfect.

  • I like Betsey Johnson but the lace on these shoes looks a bit tacky, like it’s not stuck on right. It looks like someone put it on with a glue gun.

  • They’re so cute 😀 i think a Betsey Johnson store is opening up in Lebanon, so I’ll defnitely want to check these out “live”.

  • Oh, if only someone would make Itsy & Bitsy shoes! 🙂

    Or would they end up in the “adults dressed as toddlers” dungeon?

  • Ok, old post, but I’ve been lusting after these since I first saw them. Today I managed to snag the last pair in my size on for only 83 dollars with a coupon code. Yes, 83 is still above my average shoe budget but I’m willing to sacrifice for a while for these shoes as I think they may be absolutely perfect. Which is weird because I’m generally not a big Betsey Johnson fan.

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