Barratts rose twist bow courts

Barratts bow courts

Before I go any further, I have to first of all apologise if these shoes are sold out by the time you read this. You see, I’m writing this post in advance, the shoes are on sale… who knows whether they’ll still be available by the time you get to see them? So, if you love them and they’re gone, sorry. Please don’t hate me. Maybe try eBay? Or look in-store – they often have more stock there than they have online?

If, however, these ARE still available, then your luck is in, because these are just £13, they’re adorable, and they have a cute little bow that really reminds me of one LK Bennett did a few months ago. LK Bennett’s shoes aren’t £13, though, and these ones are, so click here if you want to buy a pair, and while you’re busy clicking, the rest of us will all cross our fingers and hope really hard that they’re still available. Deal?

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