Ashley Olsen in Manolo Blahnik’s Hangisi court shoes


Before I go any further here, I should probably hold my hands up and admit there’s a good chance I’ve got my Olsen twins mixed up. I often do. I think that’s Ashely on the left, though, and I know those are Manolo Blahnik’s on her feet, so let’s just concentrate on the shoes…

These are Manolo Blahnik’s Hangiski courts, and you may remember the blue version cropping up in the Sex & the City movie, with Big using them to propose to Carrie. I wasn’t crazy about these shoes when they first came out, but I really like this yellow version. I know the Olsen’s come in for a lot of criticism, and their style definitely isn’t to everyone’s taste, but I’ve always liked them too. And I’m sure I’d also like Mary-Kate’s shoes – if I could actually see them…


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