Zara two-tone platform slingbacks in camel and black

So, Zara’s website sold out of those green and gold peep toes I love so much. That’s the bad news. (Or at least, it is for me, as I’m now doomed to a lifetime of eBay searching: damn.)

The good news is that they now have these two-tone slingbacks for me to obsess over instead. These shoes are perfect in their simplicity, and the camel/black colour mix gives them a very elegant, sophisticated feel, while the curved slingback adds a little bit of sex appeal. I’ve been really drawn to tan and gold colour palettes recently, and these would blend in perfectly with my planned winter wardrobe, which is one of the reasons I like them. I also think they have a very classic look, however, which means they could probably work for pretty much anyone.

These are £59.99, and you can click here to buy them. Just ignore Zara’s description of them as “flat shoes”.

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