Zara satin court shoes with bow

Zara satin court shoes with bow

Zara satin court shoes with bow

A few years ago, I bought the most beautiful pair of bright yellow satin court shoe s from Zara. They had a cute little flat bow on the front, and they instantly became one of my favourite pairs of shoes ever – in fact, I still wear them often. I was, however, fairly lucky to have got those shoes: they’d sold out super-quickly, and it was purely down to my obsessive habit of checking the Zara website every few hours until a pair came back into stock that I managed to secure a pair. To this day, every time I wear them, or feature them in Instagram/my blog, I get comments from people who missed out on a pair, so, if you’re one of those people, today I bring you good news:


Well, sort of. The style of these satin pumps is almost identical to the ones I have, right down to the flat bow and pointed toe. The colour, however, is not quite as nice: the Zara website describes it simply as “green” : I, however, would probably describe it as chartreuse, as it’s a very yellow-green, which skews more yellow on my screen, although not nearly as yellow as the sunshine shade of the shoes I already own. Still, these may not be quite the same colour, but, as I said, the style is almost identical, and the shade is still very striking, so they could be an awesome alternative to the originals. I’m embarrassed to admit that, even although I have no need whatsoever for a second pair of these shoes, as soon as I saw them, my fingers started itching to buy a pair. I guess a good pair of shoes will do that to you, huh?


  • The second I saw these in the local Zara shop I thought about you and your beautiful yellow pair of shoes 🙂

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