Zara pin-heeled pastel slingbacks

Zara pastel slingbacks

These shoes have been around for a while now, and I’m not sure why I haven’t written about them already because, pin heel aside, they have “Shoeperwoman” written all over them, don’t they? (And honestly, I could even live with the pin heel…)

I love both the green and lemon versions of these shoes, and I also love the fact that, despite being in two of the season’s most fashionable colours, they’re still very affordable, at just £39.99. If pastels aren’t your thing, however, for just £10 extra (and no, I have no idea WHY they’re £10 extra…) here’s the same shoe in a couple of more classic colourways:

zaar slingbacks

I tried on the beige/coral version of these a few weeks ago and really liked them: they’re much nicer in real life than they look in the photo, and although none of the other colours have ever made an appearance in my local store, I have high hopes of them, too.

You can find all of these at the Zara website: click here to buy them.


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