Zara gold glitter ballet flats

Zara gold ballet flats

gold glitter ballet flats

Zara gold ballet flats, £39.99

Oh, Zara, just stop it already with the irresistible ballet flats, would you? They may be a little bit cheaper than my usual heels, but you seem to have the knack of knowing exactly where the holes in my shoe collection lie, and then doing your very best to fill them. I’d thank you for this, of course, but all these shoes are going to get expensive if I keep on feeling the urge to buy them!

The gap I’m referring to here is the one left by my LAST pair of gold Zara ballet flats: I actually still have them, because I can’t quite bring myself to throw them away until I’ve found a replacement, but they’re so far past their best that it would be cruel for me to keep them in active service. Could these shoes be the perfect replacements? I think they could. While I’d prefer a non-glittered finish on shoes I’d mostly be wearing during the day, the uppers on these are subtle enough to be worn at any time, although they’ll also dress up nicely for evening. The toe shape, meanwhile, is perfect: I love the sweetheart vamp and the elegant point to the toe, and the small heel is also welcome, providing the foot with a little more padding than most other ballet flats.

How to save gold glitter ballet flats?

This is another one of those times when this question could be answered with, “How WOULDN’T you wear them?” I wear my gold flats all the time, with absolutely everything, and if you don’t believe me, just take a look back at the vacation posts on my personal style blog, in which my last pair of gold flats rarely left my feet. I get most use out of gold flats (and ballet flats in general) during spring and summer, but I’ve put together a warmer outfit to wear with these ones, and have also taken advantage of the low heel to choose a slightly shorter skirt than I’d usually go for:

what to wear with gold ballet flats

What to wear with gold ballet flats:

I’m a sucker for this shade of blue right now: I’m powerless to resist…


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