Yoox Group opens new shoe site, ShoeScribe.com

red high heels

I’m a big fan of the massive luxury online retailer Yoox.com, so when I heard that the parent group behind Yoox was set to launch as dedicated shoe site, I made a note of the launch date in my diary. That day was today, and I’ve passed a good part of afternoon over at ShoeScribe.com, and adding more than a few pairs of shoes to my Wish List!

Unfortunately, a wish is all these are destined to be, because unlike Yoox.com, which sells past-season shoes at discounted prices, these are mostly current shoes, being sold for full price. I was initially a little disappointed by this, because as much as I love Yoox itself, it’s SO big, and so overwhelming, that I don’t look at it as often as I should. I know there are sometimes some really amazing deals there, but it can take so long so sort through them all that I always leave feeling like I’ve probably missed something!

Still, that’s not ShoeScribe’s fault, and while I didn’t find any outright bargains, I did spot some really beautiful shoes there, such as the ones at the top of the page, which are by Casadei. There are lots more where those came from, and if you want to have a browse, you can visit the site here – just make sure you hide your credit card first!

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