Yellow wedge espadrilles by Philip Simon

Now that the Autumn/Winter stock is starting to appear in stores (Aside: don’t you just hate that? Who wants to think about buying winter clothes in the middle of July? Or buying summer stuff in January, come to that?) there aren’t nearly as many opportunities for me to show you one of my favourite summer styles: the summer wedge. This is probably a good thing in my case because the LAST thing I need right now is another pair of canvas wedges, but for those of you still in the market for some, I present to you Philip Simon’s ‘Aviva’ wedges.

These shoes actually come in three different colours –  there’s a pale pink version and a neutral one too – but this yellow version is by far my favourite, as it speaks to me of sunshine and ice cream at the beach. For those of you not keen on espadrilles, I suspect the ties could probably be removed, and that the slingback would hold the shoes on without them, but please don’t take my word for it!

These are $77 and you can click here to buy them at Shopbop.


  • I don’t like the tights so if they could be removed and the shoe would still give the same support I would like them a whole lot more. **

  • These are really cute! I wonder how comfortable they would be, though – I find that shoes with these sorts of ankle ties rarely are.

    It is always a bit depressing to see Autumn/Winter clothes & shoes coming into stores, but hopefully you’ve still got a couple of months before you’ll have to think about wearing any of them.

  • Aviva, that’s appropriate. It’s my little sisters name and it means “spring” in Hebrew. And I’d be hard pressed to find more springy shoes. Maybe I should buy a pair for my little sister and then because she will be spending the next year in Jerusalem where any type of height on your shoes will cause you to face plant on the three thousand year old cobblestone, I’d have to safe guard them for her. It’s really just what a good sister would do…

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