Workout Clothes You’ll Want to Wear

 workout outfit

maternity belt / bottoms / shoes / headband / water bottle 

If you’re anything like me – and, indeed, the rest of the internet – chances are you started January determined to either kickstart a new exercise routine or resume an old one. And if you really ARE like me, chances are you’re finding that resolution a tough one to keep. I, you see, don’t enjoy exercise: not one bit. Unfortunately, however, the lifestyle of a full-time blogger doesn’t include many opportunities to get active (unless walking in heels counts, obviously…), so I know I have to slot in a workout whenever I can, in order to make up for all of those hours spend sitting at my desk.

I use various tricks and techniques in order to motivate myself to hit the treadmill every day, and I’m not ashamed to admit that clothes are one of them. There’s nothing quite like the thought of brand new workout gear to make me actually WANT to put it on every morning, so today I’m sharing with you some cute exercise clothes to help get you motivated. There’s never been a better time to buy workout gear, as I’m far as I’m concerned. I’ve never been even remotely “sporty”, but these days I’m spotting a lot of fitness clothing I actually like, which is a real novelty. Many of these pieces will also work as loungewear, so you get even more for your money. Here are some of my current favourite looks:

yoga clothes

jacket / bra / bottoms / bag / sneakers / fitbit

cute workout clothes

top / bottoms / bra / shoes / bag / water bottle 

pink workout clothes

bra / pants / headband / sweatshirt / shoes / water bottle / weights 

workout clothes

top // bottoms / bra – Primark // shoes / sports watch  / water bottle 


These items have all been chosen without specific sports or activities in mind, and purely as examples of workout clothes which look cute. When it comes to exercise, though, it’s important to remember that “looking cute” is something of a bonus, and safety should always come first, especially in the case of shoes, which should be chosen for their support and fit, rather than for how they look. There’s no harm in looking for items which provide both style AND function, however, so I hope some of these will fit the bill!

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