What to Wear to an Interview

Keep it comfortable

For many people, the clothes they wear for an interview have been purchased specially for the occasion, so they’re brand new, and possibly in a style you’re not used to wearing (stiff collars, restrictive tailoring, etc). As tempting as it is to buy something new for your interview, comfort is also important, because if you’re uncomfortable, that can come across in your body language, and create an awkward impression. Make sure your clothes are comfortable and fit well, so you’re not tugging them up, pulling them down, or otherwise having to constantly adjust them. Shoe comfort is particularly important here: heels are fine (as long as they’re not dangerous for the workplace you’re interviewing in, obviously), but you must be able to walk in them: tottering around – or worse, falling over – in shoes you can’t walk in will make you look unprofessional, and possibly downright ridiculous, so don’t use a job interview as an opportunity to break in a new pair of heels, or force yourself into a pair you can’t move freely in.

strappy sandals

Shoes: Net-a-Porter

On the subject of shoes…

Bear in mind that very high heels are frowned upon in some workplaces: while this will differ from place to place, so you don’t need to ditch the heels entirely, but when it comes to deciding what to wear to an interview, you should probably avoid high platforms, strappy sandals, and any shoe that looks like it would be most at home in a nightclub. Even peep toes might be considered a little risqué in some settings, and shoes which almost totally expose your bare feet, like the ones above, should definitely be avoided: if in doubt, a simple, closed-toe pumps, with a heel you can easily walk in, is a safe bet.

Finally, if you’re still wondering what to wear to an interview, remember the golden rule…

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