What to Wear to an Interview

Pay attention to detail

Interviewers probably wont remember exactly what you wore to your interview, but they WILL remember the impression you made in it, so when you’re deciding what to wear to an interview, it’s important to pay close attention to detail, and make sure you’re as well groomed as possible. You could be wearing the most exquisitely cut suit designer suit in the world, but if there are buttons missing, stains on the lapels, and worn patches at the elbows, you’ll still look like you made no effort whatsoever. Good grooming doesn’t cost much, and can make a cheap outfit look immeasurably better, so make sure your clothes are clean and ironed, your shoes are polishes, your hosiery is snag-free, and your hair is neat and combed.

what to wear for an interview

What to wear to an interview: keep makeup subtle

Keep make-up and jewellery subtle

Accessories and makeup can be great ways to inject some personality into your interview outfit, but again, subtlety is key. Ultimately, you don’t want any aspect of your appearance to be a distraction, or to detract from what you’re saying, so wear makeup and jewellery by all means, but keep it subtle. As with the outfit itself, an interview isn’t the time to try out an edgy makeup look, or layer on the accessories.

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