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I’m on a bit of a limited budget again this month, because I seem to have been bitten by the homeware bug, and have been spending more money on house-related things than on clothes or shoes, for once! That means that this week’s wishlist is, once again, a WISHlist in the true sense of the word: I probably won’t be buying any of these items anytime soon, unfortunately, but if I did have some cash to spare, ASOS is probably where I’d be spending it.

The brand continues with its amazing streak of dresses and skirts: I have the scuba midi skirt from this list in red and mint, and would happily buy it in every single colour they release it in: it’s the perfect shape, and – unusually for me – the perfect length, too, which makes it one of the very few things I know I can buy without having to have it altered.  I love the floral print version shown here, but because I have my “sensible shopper” hat on these days, my next skirt-related purchase will probably be the plain black version, which will be a little more versatile for the coming autumn and winter.

As much as I love all of these items, however, if I had to buy just one item, it would probably the red Mango cigarette trousers. They’re a great colour, and, at a time when it’s almost impossible to find jeans that aren’t skintight, they look to be a great shape, too. I’m not a big fan of tights (I don’t find them comfortable, and I also think they tend to bring down most of my outfits a bit), so at this time of year, when it’s too cold for bare legs, but not quite cold enough to preclude bare ankles, I’ll often find myself turning to trousers, instead: they’re a nice mixture of smart and casual, and a whole lot more comfortable (for me) than tights, too!

♥  Scuba midi skirt ♥  Autumnal Blossom dress ♥  Winter floral dress Cigarette trousers

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