Shoe Trends: Wedge sneakers

wedge sneakers

It’s no secret that I’m not much of a “sneaker” girl. In fact, I didn’t even include the (very) few pairs of sneakers I own in my Shoe Challenge, because for me they’ve always been the kind of shoes that are worn purely for practical reasons, and even then, only when I absolutely have to.

All of which makes me wonder why it is that I’m suddenly finding myself drawn to wedge sneakers, of all things.

The wedge sneaker, as I’m sure most of you have noticed, has been going through a surge in popularity recently. Everyone, from high-end designer labels to budget brands, has been producing some kind of variation of what I tend to think of as “the Spice Girl Sneaker”, and they’re available in everything from super-bright, clashing colours, to much more muted shades.

I…don’t hate them. I realise that’s a very lukewarm endorsement of the trend, but for me to be even looking at sneakers is a huge step, and lately I’ve not only been looking at some of the wedge sneakers that keep popping up at my favourite shoe stores: I’ve been finding myself thinking they could look rather fantastic, with the right kind of outfit.

What do you think of wedge sneakers? Do you own any?

Take a look at the gallery below if you need to see more to be convinced…

On the shoe shelves: Burberry suede platform wedge, £605 / Suede wedge, £205 / Sneaker / River Island sports shoes / Isabel Marant hidden wedge sneaker, £480 / Giuseppe Zanotti platform wedge, £380 /


  • NONONO! I associate those with ghetto girls. Wear sneakers, wear heels, wear boots. Don’t wear some horrible amalgamation of all 3. I HATE those damn things.
    Although, to be fair, I hate the wedge/ high heeled construction/ hiking boot even more.

  • No to the wedge trainer, I did consider it for a while when I saw the Nike version at Schuh but no its either or tbh. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anyone in the ghetto wear them either.

  • A few years back Gap made a Christmas commercial in which all the girls were wearing heeled work/hiking boots (which aren’t quite sneakers, but I categorize them in the same genre as they are both shoes that are purely utilitarian for me). I then spent the next, oh, three years looking for the perfect pair. Last fall I found two similar pairs that were the style I was looking for- one in the thick heel I’d originally wanted and one in wedges, which I hadn’t considered but absolutely loved. I ended up getting the wedges and they became one of my most worn winter shoes. They look great with jeans and a comfy sweater.

  • I actually don’t hate wedge sneakers as much as I normally hate the ‘casual shoe with a heel’ type trend, I think a right trendster could pull this look off without looking too ridiculous… that said, I personally am NOT a trendster and I’m pretty confident that they will NEVER be adorning my feet!

  • In contrast to you, Amber, I AM a sneaker girl through and through. And I think these are a) ugly (at least in my opinion) and b) pointless. I mean: There’s nothing wrong with wedge-heeled boots. If the wedge heels are visible. But these here (most of them at least) make a point of hiding the heel and trying to pretend that they are regular high-top sneakers. So one doesn’t look any different from wearing regular sneakers. Except that you can’t run or do sports in these.
    So no, I don’t own wedge sneakers and I don’t plan to.

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