Valentino bow detail over-the-knee boots

I know most of those of you in the Northern hemisphere probably aren’t thinking about boots at this time of year, but I’m always willing to think about boots, especially when the boots in question are as gorgeous as these ones (and also when it snows in May, as it did last week. Gah.).

These are by Valentino, and feature the brand’s characteristic bow embellishment. As a fan of both over-the-knee boots and bows in general, I obviously love these, and can only look at the $1,595 price tag and weep. If you, on the other hand, can look at it and think, “Pshaw! That’s nothing! I must buy these rightthisverysecond!” you can head over to Saks and buy yourself a pair. Lucky you!


  • They are stunning, and I love the fact that the calf is so slim and my calves wouldn’t be swimming in extra leather. That is, if I could afford $1600 boots!

  • I would buy any kind of shoes at any time of the year! I would buy sandals in January and high boots in July as long as I like them and they aren’t too expensive. I just save ’em in my closet until the weather is appropriate.

    And yes these boots are great but way overpriced.

  • These are fabulous. I tried them on in the blush colour in a store in Ontario, and they’re $1800 up here. Worth every penny I think……… beautiful leather, so flattering and beautifully made.

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