Unusual Shoes Tuesday | Sophia Webster and strange sneakers

This week’s Unusual Shoes Tuesday kicks off with a pair of very strange sneakers:

rainbow soled flatform sneakers

YRU flatform sneakers

I’d normally completely dismiss these with the thought that they may EXIST, but no one will actually WEAR them… will they? I mean, I certainly haven’t SEEN anyone wear something like this, but I DO keep seeing them popping up online, and these particular ones are being sold at ASOS, as opposed to at some site focusing on “alternative” clothing, which makes me wonder if they will start to become a “real life” occurrence? What do you think? I know I couldn’t wear something like this without feeling a) like I was in fancy dress and b) that my feet were roughly the size of the Death Star, but if you think you could make them work, I’d love to hear how you’d do it!

My next selection is (I think) purely “usual”, as opposed to plain ugly: with that said, I guess most of Sophia Webster’s creations would fall into the “unusual shoes” category. They’re certainly not your usual sandals, but while I love many of the designs, I know they can be quite divisive, which is why I’m including these here, rather than dedicating an entire post to them:

sophia webster pom pom sandals

sophia webster pom pom sandals

There’s definitely a lot going on with this shoe, but is it a whole lot to love, or just a whole lot to hate? I’ll leave that one up to you to decide.

Finally, another shoe which is perfectly simple, but for one very unusual detail…

Nicholas Kirkwood pumps with shaped heel

Nicholas Kirkwood black pumps


Nicholas Kirkwood is another designer whose work I absolutely love. I’m not sure about these shoes, however: they combine a standard black pump with a metal heel, which has  a bit of an art deco feel to it. I don’t mind the heel itself (although, as a general rule, I prefer stilettos to be as plain as possible…), but I’m a little put off by the “bulge” at the top of it. What do you think?


  • Well Amber, I’m wondering if the designer watched to many episodes of “My little pony” before creating that sneaker. Surely a six years old would love to wear them. But the price and the size seem to indicate that more mature ladies are supposed to be the target… Well… Thank you for making me laugh every tuesday!
    The stilettos, although, are more interesting. In a shop I might have tried them on… Just to see, you know…

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