Unusual Shoes Tuesday | Would you wear these shoes

For this week’s Unusual Shoes Tuesday feature, I have a three  different pairs of shoes to show you, kicking off with these red platforms by Robert Wun:

red platform shoes

[Robert Wun]

Now, I don’t have a huge amount to say about these, because I think the pictures speak for themselves, but while my regular readers probably don’t need to be told that these aren’t my style, I have to admit, I’m really curious to know what they’d be like to wear! That chunky heel and huge platform make me suspect walking in them could be interesting to say the least, and as for styling them: well, rather you than me!

bare feet shoes


Ah, the old “look, I’m out in my bare feet!” trick. Of course, these shoes will only look like bare feet if your skin happens to be pastel pink (And, er, if you happen to have bows on your ankles), so I very much doubt anyone will be fooled by them. You can probably expect to get at least a few double-takes as you walk down the street, though!

moschino baseball pumps


Baseball fan? You’d probably HAVE to be to want to wear Moschino’s white baseball pumps! With that said, these look positively tame compared to the first pair of shoes in this page, so I’m sure there’s someone out there who’ll love ’em!

What do you think? Would you wear any of this week’s unusual shoes? 

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  • I’m a huge Baseball fan and I think I need these just to go in the family trophy case, I used to have Keds with baseball stitching. I already have a large bowl of baseballs on my coffee table because I got tired of them rolling all over the house so why not these.

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