Ugly Shoes: Alessandro Dell’Acqua boot/shoe hybrid

boot-slippersIf there’s one thing I absolutely cannot STAND in the world of footwear, it’s that peculiar combination The Fashion Police refer to as “Footwear Impostors” and I call “completely freaking ugly”. You know the kind of thing I mean: a boot that’s designed to look like a pair of shoes worn with knee socks, an ankle boot with a sock attached it… BAsically anything that either:

a) comes with a sock already attached to it


b) is designed to LOOK like there’s a sock already attached to it

The boots you see above, then, fall into this dreaded category for me, because they’re designed to create the illusion that you’re actually wearing a pair of flat peep toes with some black ties. Because OBVIOUSLY you’d do that, wouldn’t you? Especially given that it looks so, er, special.

No, these get no love from me. In fact, I’m going to spear them with my stiletto and throw them into space.  If you want to get them back, you’ll have to pay £245 to, who have PLENTY of sizes still in stock.  I wonder why?


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