Truth or Dare: Madonna’s shoe collection launches at Selfridges

Madonna's shoe collection, Truth or Dare

I didn’t really have any expecations of Madonna’s first shoe collection, which launched today at Selfridges. I have to say, though… I actually kind of love it. There are several shoes here which I’d happily wear, and the prices seem pretty reasonable, too, starting at around £100 for the simpler court shoes, which is a similar price point to high street brands like Carvela or Office. (The boots in the collection are a little more expensive, going up to £480 for the most expensive pair).

My favourite shoes are also the simplest in the collection: the three pairs of pumps on the top row of the image. I love the pale pink Mary Janes, which could easily become a wardrobe staple, and I also like the cut-out courts on the second row, which combine patent and suede rather nicely. Overall, a pretty nice collection: and I say this as someone who’s always a little cynical about celebrity fashion collections…

You can view and buy the full collection at Selfridges. What do you think of it?


  • These aren’t bad at all actually. When I read that Madonnas was doing a collection I imagined they would be outrageous-for-the-sake-of-being-outrageous, but I’d definitely wear a few of those.

  • I especially love the black and white courts. Gorgeous, but still a tiny bit pricey. By which I mean: I can think of other shoes that I want to spend £100 on first.

  • The bottom left is easily my favorite followed by the bottom middle as I’m a touch obsessed with t-straps at the moment. And black and gold is a combination that will almost always get my approval. I also like the middle right, but I don’t think I’d wear it (I’m still leery of shoes with too many spikes).

  • I like them, mostly, but it seems to me they are very reminiscent of other shoes I’ve seen in the past. Or it could be that I have just been looking at too many shoe (is there such a thing?).

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