Toshop’s Larissa patent velcro sandals

topshop-larissa-platformsNow, I love my platforms as much as the next woman.  Possibly a little more, actually, if the next woman happens to be taller than me. (Which isn’t unusual: I’m only 5″3.) But I have to ask: is fashion’s obsession with the platform sole and spiked heel starting to look a little… stripper-esque? I think it probably all depends on the shoe, to be honest. These ‘Larissa’ sandals from Topshop are far from the most extreme version of the “high platform, thin heel” look, but I’m still not sure I’d wear them, and I’m actually starting to look forward now when the time when soles start look a little more like soles, rather than bricks.

What do you think? These are £60, and you can buy them at Topshop.


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