Shoe Deja Vu: Topshop’s ‘Samba’ and Boohoo’s ‘Lorrie’ shoes


Just to prove that it’s not just the big-name designers who get to experience that sense of deja vu as they see their design crop up with someone else’s label attached, here’s Topshop’s ‘Samba’ cut-out peep toes, and Boohoo’s ‘Lorrie’. Spot the difference? Well, of course, there are lots of differences here, with the colour being the most obvious one, but there are a lot of similarities too – enough to make me do a double-take when I stumbled upon the second pair at Boohoo just a few hours after seeing the same design at Topshop.

Neither shoe is particularly to my taste, but if I had to pick, I’d probably go for the Topshop versions, which just look better quality to me, as well as being a nicer colour mix. If you’re judging them by price alone, though, the Boohoo shoes are a mere £25, compared to the £65 the Topshop versions will set you back.


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